FAQ – Tagalog Love Word that we can Use

What are the Tagalog slang love words?

143 – I Love You

143 44 – I Love You Very Much

jeling, jeling-jeling – jealous, jealousy

ITALY – I Trust And Love You (hahahaha!)

HOLLAND – Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies (double hahahaha!)

PARIS – Please Always Remember I’m Sincere (oooh …)

ROME – Remember Our Memorable Evenings (awww …)

HHWW PSSP – Holding Hands While Walking, Pa Swing-Swing Pa

MU – Mutual Understanding or Matampuhing Unggoy or Machong Unano/Maskuladong Unano

KSP – Kulang Sa Pansin… (I’m tempted to say refer to a certain character in SCF but that would be mean – 🙂 Phoebe)

FGLG – Feeling Guapo, Looking Gago

MK – Mahal Kita (I Love You – naku ha!)

MNMK – Mahal Na Mahal Kita (I Love You Very Much – uuuuyyyyyyy!)

SMS – Sa Madaling Salita (In Other Words)

TKA – Take Care, Always…(korni ko, no?)

SYSM – See You Sa Mata (See You in the Eye – huh?)

PSS – Practice Safe Sex

What is Mahal?

mahal – (ma-hal) *stress is on the second syllable

As an adjective, it means expensive. When you are at a flea market and you think the item is overpriced, you can tell the seller that the item is “mahal” and you might be asked to name the price you want.

As a verb, it means love.

“Mahal kita” means “I love you.”

What are the Romantic Tagalog Phrases that we can used?

1. Mahal kita. = I love you.

2. Iniibig kita. = I love you.

3. Miss kita. = I miss you.

Miss na miss kita. = I really miss you.

Miss kita talaga. = I really miss you.

4. Ingat ka. = Take care.

This is a very sweet thing to say in Tagalog. It sounds so much better than the English translation. Variations include:

Mag-ingat ka. = Do take care.
Lagi kang mag-ingat. = Always take care.
Ingat ka lagi. = Always take care. (Used in letters more than in conversation.)

5. May gusto ako sa iyo. = I have a crush on you.

As a noun, the Tagalog word gusto means an infatuation with someone.

6. Gusto kita. = I like you.

As a verb, the word gusto means “to want” and “to like”.

Gusto kitang makita. = I want to see you.
Gusto kitang tawagan. = I want to call you.

7. Iniisip kita. = I’m thinking of you.

Lagi kitang iniisip. = I always think of you.
Iniisip kita lagi. = I always think of you.

8. Hihintayin kita. = I’ll wait for you.

9. Huwag kang mag-alala. Akong bahala.

= Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.

10. Ikaw ang lahat sa akin. = You are everything to me.

Tell her how much she means to you.