Five Set Of Friends We Encounter Nowadays


Five Set Of Friends We Encounter Nowadays

We all have that different kind of friends. They affect us in different ways. They contribute different happiness and learning in our life. They are our friends so we know how to differentiate them on how they affect us as their friend.



1. “Friends in School : The one you share with your homework.”

We remain happy and strong at school because of our friends we have that we call classmates. They were the one who always stay by your side to help one another because they treat each other as brothers and sisters. Finding the real ones are hard but don’t you worry because there will be that one person that will remain by your side even if they don’t share the same classroom. The distance doesn’t matter. They still share the same knowledge and love. They are friends in school and we’re lucky to have them while traveling to the real life.


2. “Friends in Happiness : The one you share with your laughter.”

Friends stay because they are happy. Friends in happiness means they are the ones who always makes you happy at any time they could. They are the clown you were waiting when you was seven. They want you to be happy. Laughter became the music of their world everyday. Their combination together is equal to happiness. They are the one you share with all your laughter in life.


3. “Friends in Sadness : The one you share with your tears and heartaches.”

After every happiness there will come a sadness. That is the worst part of the chain. It will be worst if there is no one who will stand by your side that would remind you that you are strong. Aside from yourself there are friends in sadness. You met them for you both share the same sadness in life. They could understand each other when in terms of realizing and accepting mistakes and pains in life. They are the one who are always there for you to share with your tears and heartaches.


4. “Friends in Passion : The one you share with your talents and hobbies.”

We all have our own talents and skills. Sometimes you consider them your passion. Friends in passion are those who are there by your side to remind you and push you to dream higher and work harder for your goals. They want you to be who you want to be and to have what you want to have. They want you to do things that would make you happy. They will guide you and help you reach your goals. They are your friends that you share with your hobbies, talents and passion in life.

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5. “Friends in All Times : The one you share with everything.”

The friend whom we share everything in our life is our bestfriend. The one that could understand and join us in any aspects in life. You were living in the same reason and it is to love each other and the one who loves them also. They are the one you share with everything. They are the one you share with everything, even when sad or happy and in worst or best.


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