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Top Signs That You’re In Love

Love is strange. It’s wild, uncontrollable, and can happen totally by accident when you least expect it. How to know if you’re actually in love with someone? If you’re acting in any of the points mentioned here, then girl, you’ve been attacked by the love bug.   1. Pag nagtext sya sayo. Hala! Sige. Takbo agad sa tindahan […]

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Tagalog Relationship Quotes

Relationships are always an important part of life. Get lots and lots of Tagalog Relationship Quotes here, these quotes give you an insight into the mind of your boyfriend/girlfriend, and will help you strengthen your relationship. 1. Ang matalinong tao ay alam kung paano magmahal. Pero ang mas matalinong tao ay alam kung sino ang […]

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Tagalog Quotes about Relationship

True love is meeting your soul mate that God made only for you, loving them and being satisfy to spend the rest of this life and the life after death with that person. Here are some Tagalog Quotes about Relationship to inspire and help you and your partner understand the meaning of true love. Whichever […]

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