“If I Know What Love is, It is Because of you.”

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“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”

Love is when that person accepts me for who I am. Minsan mahal mo ang isang tao kasi may nararamdaman tayo for that person but we never knew if it can actually be considered as love. Kasi ung iba, marami silang hinahanap sa isang personality ng tao which I think is wrong kasi ako may hinahanap ding personality ng tao pero sometimes we fall in love with someone whose personality we don’t actually like. We fall in love not because of their personality but because we accept who they are, and we are happy to see that person care for us. Minsan ang sagot sa katanungan natin ay sa kanila molang mahahanap dahil nauunawaan ka nya.

Maybe a lot of us are asking why? Bakit kapag nahanap mo na ung person na tinitibok ng puso mo, you start asking why? Is it love or is it merely a crush. We never knew what was coming pero there’s a hundred percent chance that there is one person who will. Over thousands of people in the world there’s a person na mamahalin mo ng sobra and maybe the answer to your questions is there all along, the answer sa lahat ng mga katanungan mo.

Minsan maraming katanungan ang di natin masasagot, we don’t have the answer for our questions. Pero minsan kapag nag mahal ka may mga masasagot ka merong hindi, some will take long to find the answer.




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