Things to Remember When You’re in Deep Pain

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“You will never know the true meaning of pain if you don’t feel pain” ~ Six Paths of Pain (Naruto Anime)

Whether we hurt or being hurt, there is pain. Pain is everywhere and we can’t avoid it. There are lots of pain we experienced in our life and sometimes we don’t know what to do to conquer it. The most common kind of pain is being broken inside. It’s so hard to quell it because there are things that leave a deep scar in our hearts. But in order for us to handle this pain properly, there are things to remember.


Things To Remember When You're In Deep Pain


For those who were left behind, never compare yourself to others. As long as you have the thought that there is someone better than you, then you can never move forward. People have different feelings, people have different looks, thoughts and likes and what’s worse is people truly change. Accept it. Someone leaves you because he doesn’t deserve you. But don’t think than he deserves more. Just think that he left because he can’t even stand the truth that you’re so perfect. Comparing yourself to others will just lead to insecurities and having such insecurities within you is not healthy. He already left you but don’t ever leave your own self too.­


Things To Remember When You're In Deep Pain


When we’re broken it is very hard to decide or choose. There are questions like “what should I do? “,”should I court him to love me again or should I let him go?”

The safest thing is to stop and move on. When you lose something important, our tendency is to look for it until we find it. But when it comes to love, pride is something very important to know. You must know your limits. What’s gone is gone but think of what still remains!


Things To Remember When You're In Deep Pain


During times of depression, there are people that end up hurting themselves even more by doing things that can hurt them physically such as scratching blades on their wrists, not eating, and some cases end to suicide. Maybe their reason is to feel physical pain rather than their heartaches or maybe to end their suffering by committing suicide. Our mental capacity has also limit that’s why we must be careful when we are experiencing depression. Killing yourself won’t end the problem and hurting yourself even more cannot erase the pain in your heart. One thing you must do is to focus on the present and try to move forward. By doing so, you will find yourself forgetting all the heartaches as you strive to move on. Well, there’s no easy way on moving on but there is definitely a way on how to lessen the pain in your heart.


Things To Remember When You're In Deep Pain


Don’t hate anyone and don’t hate yourself. You’re not that only person in this world who feel pain, everyone does. It is part of our life which eventually leaves our heart stronger. Whether you hate someone or you hate yourself, that only means you are being immature. Why don’t you just grow up? Life’s too short you know? Learn to forgive and forget because hatred won’t heal your heart, love does.


Things To Remember When You're In Deep Pain

  1. PRAY

Pain isn’t something you can just open to others so easily. Sometimes we are afraid to talk about it so we just keep it to ourselves. If you think there’s no one who can understand you, God is there. Everything you see, everything you feel, He knows it all. He’s the only one you can trust the most. With God’s grace, He can help you to find your happiness and peace for God never leaves anyone who is in pain.


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