“Trying to ignore you”

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“Trying to ignore you”

is like trying to ignore the sun on a clear day. No matter how hard I try to divert my attention, your presence shines through, casting a warm glow on my thoughts. It’s as if every fiber of my being is magnetically drawn to you, pulling me back into your orbit. I attempt to occupy myself with mundane tasks, seeking solace in the ordinary, hoping to drown out the echoes of your laughter and the memory of your touch.
Yet, like an insistent whisper, you persistently linger in the depths of my mind. Your absence becomes a palpable void, a constant reminder of the connection we once shared. I convince myself that ignoring you is the key to moving forward, that time will erode the traces of your influence. But each passing moment feels like a battle against my own heart, struggling to resist the gravitational pull that compels me to seek you out.
I bury myself in distractions, immersing myself in the cacophony of daily life. Yet, the more I try to silence the longing, the louder it becomes. It reverberates through the silence of sleepless nights, haunting my dreams and infiltrating my waking hours. The walls I build around my heart crumble with each passing day, revealing the vulnerability that lies beneath the facade of indifference.
Trying to ignore you is a futile endeavor, for you have become an indelible part of my existence. Your presence lingers in the air I breathe, saturating my thoughts with bittersweet memories.

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