Your battle with pain

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The fight against pain is never over.

It has a firm grasp on us, and it is never enjoyable.

But it is in the battle that we gain our strength.

And keep going, no matter how long it takes.


Our hearts may ache, and our bodies may be fatigued.

But we keep fighting, never giving up.

In the midst of adversity,

We muster the strength to withstand each hit.


We take a deep breath and stand tall.

We face the pain and give everything we have.

We may stumble and fall.

But we will rise again and conquer all.

The fight against agony may never stop.

But we have the ability to repair.

Our whole soul, our hearts and brains,

and emerge stronger, ready to take command.

So, with grace, let us confront the sorrow.

And never, ever give up the race.

Even if the struggle is difficult,

We have the stamina to get to the yard.

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