5 Rules for Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance relationship. Lovers and couples hate this. Well, everyone does (LOL). Sometimes we’re asking why do this have to happen? Go to work abroad, enrolled to different university, or live to other places. There are lots of reasons why we are left alone and endure this fucking long distance relationship. But, instead of ruining your day for thinking of how your relationship will work now that both of you are far from each other, there are things to consider or rules to follow for you both to continue your relationship at ease and happy.

5 Rules for Long Distance Relationship


  1. Make constant communication with your partner.

Giving time with each other will make you both happy and lessen the loneliness when you miss each other. In order for your relationship to work, you need to make sure that you have time to talk or chat even you’re not together. But don’t push yourself to stay awake till midnight just to make a contact with each other, that habit isn’t healthy for you both.


  1. Stop nonsense fighting.

Be matured. Don’t be angry just because you don’t receive a text message or when your partner is going somewhere. Most likely, you’re being so paranoid if that’s the case. Stop thinking about negatives. Being in a long distance relationship means getting used to what you want to don’t usually feel. What I mean is, avoid fighting and then demand for comfort because the first thing is both of you are not together to comfort each other and fighting each other won’t make a change, it will just make your relationship weak.


  1. Understand the situation.

You must understand the situation that your partner is not around. Don’t complain that he/she can’t come to make you feel comfort all the time. That’s the challenge of being far from each other. Whatever the reason, if you truly love each other, distance must not be taken as an obstacle in your relationship.

5 Rules for Long Distance Relationship


  1. Be patient.

Being patient is very important thing when you’re in a long distance relationship. When you’re thinking how long you’ve been waiting, first think of how much both of you struggled and made those memories you treasure. Don’t lose in “time”. It is just “time” that made you feel bored or whatsoever. You can defeat time by just making yourself busy. Go on shopping, eat, watch movies and then make a call with your partner. As long as you have time with each other, I think it’s enough to complete your day at least.


  1. Avoid doing things that will make your partner worried.

In times of misunderstanding and quarrels, we tend to go outside, hang with our friends, drink alcohols, drive fast and go somewhere else to forget and relieve our stress. You feel doing it because you know there’s no one to stop you (of course, you’re in long distance relationship). But doing those things may lead you in danger and for worst you’ll just make your partner worried. You must not practice doing such things that would make your partner worry. Admit it, sometimes we feel nice if we know that the one we love is so worried about us, right? Well, yes that’s true but do you think the one who are so worried feels the same way? Don’t take advantage of that because there are lots of things that may happen that’s why they are worrying.


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