5 Tagalog Relationship Rules

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A rich and rewarding relationship is a two way street, it’s advantageous if both participants have some understanding of what it takes to satisfy the needs of their partner. By following a few simple rules you and your partner can maintain a healthy and a long-lasting relationship. These 5 rules may help you in having a long term relationships.

5 Tagalog Relationship Rules

1. Manatiling tapat

People who are faithful in their relationship are at a huge advantage. Being in a good faithful relationship confers huge benefits on people. The beginning stages of falling in love always feel like they could last forever. The butterflies are there and you can’t imagine yourself ever wanting to be with anyone else. But eventually, those butterflies fade and other temptations may present themselves along the way. Avoiding temptations and strengthening your relationship will help you remain faithful in the long run.

5 Tagalog Relationship Rules

2, Iparamdam mo sa kanya na mahal mo sya at mahalaga sya sayo

From time to time, it’s a good idea to look closely at the way we treat our partner and make sure that our actions accurately convey our true feelings about her and how much we value the relationship. Make a conscious effort every day to make your partner feel special. After all, a strong relationship isn’t built in a day; it’s built day by day.

5 Tagalog Relationship Rules

3. Matutong rumespeto

If you want to have a passion long term and successful relationship, then you have to start with a baseline of mutual respect. You have to make sure that you see you and your partner as a team and that you’re considerate, honest, and compassionate as much as possible. However, nobody’s perfect, and you have to be prepared to apologize sincerely when you have made a mistake. If both you and your partner are willing to put in the effort you can have a fulfilling and respectful relationship.

5 Tagalog Relationship Rules

4. Huwag nang makipaglandian sa iba

Flirting is cheating. Flirting while in a relationship is highly disrespectful & while it may seem harmless, It can be very hurtful to the person that loves you. Flirting is fine if you’re not in any kind of relationship, the same goes for the person you’re flirting with, but if you’re in a serious relationship, flirting with someone else is wrong.

5 Tagalog Relationship Rules

5. Maglaan ng oras para sa isa’t-isa

Spend time together – make your relationship a priority and make time for each other. Relationships are like gardens: they need time, care and regular maintenance to flourish. If you stop taking that time to connect on a regular basis, your relationship with your partner is sure to suffer.

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