7 ways how To Be More Affectionate With Your Girlfriend

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“7 ways how To Be More Affectionate With Your Girlfriend”

When a girl is in a relationship with a guy she expects that the guy will treat her in a special way. Making your girlfriend feel happy and loved isn’t a complicated thing, it’s really simple. Here are 7 ways which will guide you on how to be more affectionate with your girlfriend.

Banat kay Girl

“Palagi mo syang e-surprise”

You may love your girl from the core of your heart and in the most sincere way possible but expressing it from time to time can keep the magic alive in your relationship and most of all it will make her feel special. And when you do want to do something special for her than what can be better than giving her surprises. Oh, girls love surprises.

“Wag yung puro i love you nalang yung sinasabi mo. Hindi naman sapat yung puro salita lang, iba pa rin kapag nagkukusa kang mag effort para sakanya”

Simply saying I love you is not enough to convey what you feel for her and you need something more. In fact, you tend to realize that words themselves are not enough and you have to do certain things in order to show the person implicitly that you love them and care for them more than anyone. Telling someone you love them may be a really big deal when you are starting out with the relationship, but after some time, the words seem to lose their significance if they aren’t backed up by actions. There are several subtle actions and gestures that you can use to show her that you love her, which are sometimes more powerful than words.

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“Bigyan mo ng pinakakorni mong joke”

You need not to be a laughter champion to make her laugh. A few spontaneous jokes can make her giggle. Tell her about funny incident that happened to you when you were a small boy or tell her about some funny thing you read somewhere. You do not have to try any tricks for this, just share some funny episodes.

“Pagsilbihan mo na parang prinsesa”

A girlfriend is a precious gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your girlfriend should be made to feel as if she’s special. Many times, you’re so busy that you tend to forget how to treat your girlfriend special from time to time. Girls love being special and as if they were princesses. Women wanted to be loved and cherished and placed above all other women. She doesn’t want to be the princess; she wants to be your princess… The one worth climbing a tower and slaying a dragon for.

Best Banat Of 2017

“Bigyan mo lagi ng pasalubong”

Shower her with gifts frequently. You need not buy very expensive gifts. Out of the blue treat her with her favorite flavor of ice-cream. Give her a bunch of roses, call her and tell that you have booked movie tickets for one of the latest movies she wanted to watch. A cuddle toy melts the hardest hearts; send it to her with a love note attached to it.

“Magkwentuhan kayo palagi”

Make spending quality time together an important part of your relationship. Do something that you both will enjoy. For example, surprise her with a picnic lunch or recreate your first date. Ask her what you can do to help make her life easier and follow through with any suggestions. Every woman loves a bit of alone-time with her partner. Book a whole day for the two of you to be alone. Watch a movie, massage her back, snuggle and be intimate. Put other thoughts out of your head and focus completely on her. You’ll notice more of a connection when you do this, and that’s what you want. Try to schedule a bit of alone-time with her at least every month or so.

“I-comfort mo kapag my problema”

Comforting a girlfriend in distress is part of a boyfriend’s duties. It can seem difficult, however, to know just what to say to your upset romantic partner. If you find yourself flummoxed when it’s time to give your girlfriend a shoulder to cry on, add some new comforting tools to your arsenal and, in doing so, better prepare yourself to be a superstar boyfriend.

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