A Confession of Loathing

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I somehow feel compelled to pen down these words that haunt me every day. Despite my attempts to bury it deep within, it has taken root and must be acknowledged. 

I confess to you, with a certain trepidation, that I harbor a feeling of loathing. It was from a mixture of disappointment, frustration and perhaps a tinge of resentment and has taken residence in the recesses of my being.

This admission is not to inflict pain or discomfort upon you. Instead, it is a needed release laying bare the emotions that have rotted and demanded acknowledgment. There were moments, actions, or circumstances in our shared history that have contributed to the cultivation of this sentiment.

Loathing is a complex emotion and carries weight and consequences. It is not a proclamation made lightly but rather a vulnerable admission of the struggles kept within. I understand the gravity of these words and the impact they may have on you and for that, I am genuinely sorry.

This confession is not a call to action or a demand for reciprocation. Instead, it is an attempt to bring honesty to the forefront, create a space for understanding and perhaps lay the groundwork for resolution or healing. I hope someday we can bridge the gaps that have given rise to this loathing.

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