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It’s unavoidable. We would never experience happiness if rejection and sadness doesn’t exist. Collection of quotes for depressed individuals. Tagalog quotes and love quotes, here they are.

Tagalog quotes and love quotes

It might sound harsh but you expect too much from him kaya ka nasaktan. You thought that he likes you when in reality, he likes your friend. You might be carried away by the gestures and kindness he had shown to you but it was just part of his plan to gain your favor and there’s nothing you can do about it. So next time, lessen your expectation. Kaya naman napapaisip ka n asana ganito nalang:

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If only that was possible but it was not. Come to think of it, it will just make everything more complicated. Kapag mahal mo, mahal ka na rin? It was indeed good for you, but how about on others? Paano kung hindi lang naman ikaw ang nagmamahal sa taong yon? You couldn’t torn his/her heart into pieces and divide it for each of you!

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Who will be your knight and shining armor if you will be the damsel in distress? Fighting for someone is easy but making sure that he/she will do the same for you is an unclear thing. So learn to defend your own self by thinking for all possible outcomes before taking any actions.

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That was a fact. Billions of people live here on Earth and it was quite impossible not to find one. Just make sure you’ll find someone who was deserving enough to gain your heart and affection. Things that were far valuable than any substantial item.

Tagalog quotes and best tagalog love quotes

If you were that important to them, they surely will. But if you were not their priority, don’t bother reserving a space for them in your heart since they have no plan to stay. Save that for the one whom you are about to meet.

Tagalog quotes and love quotes

At kung hindi na maiiwasan pa, move on ka na. It’s not you will forget all the good memories (kung meron man) because if you do, you’ll becoming a so-called bitter and that was not a good thing for you. Ikaw lang ang mahihirapan in the end.

Tagalog quotes and tagalog love quotes

Just make sure there’s more HAHAHA than HUHUHU. Life is meant to be enjoyed so start doing so.

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