Falling out of Love

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Falling out of love is a sad experience.

A gradual unraveling of heartstrings

The fire dies as the passion diminishes.

And we’re left with tearful farewells.


The love that was once so vivid and bold,

Now that the light is dim and it’s cold,

We look for clues as to what went wrong.

And we wonder why we’re in places we don’t belong.


We strive to cling to what we know.

But we find ourselves feeling so false.

The memories that previously filled me with joy,

Bring melancholy and nothing to look forward to.

It’s difficult to let go and say goodbye.

To the hopes and  dreams we had,

However, love cannot always be sustained.

And we must recognize that it is all for naught.


So, with a heavy heart, we bid you farewell.

and try to make a fresh start.

For as much as it aches to be out of love,

It’s an opportunity to meet the one we’ve been looking for.

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