How to Dress Appropriately For Men

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How to Dress Appropriately For Men

Like women, men also get struggle in choosing what clothes to be wear. Dressing your best boosts your career, gets you dates, and simply makes you feel good about yourself. Clothes don’t make the man. But they do help. Dressing better boosts your confidence and makes you look and feel better.


1.Wear clothes that fits you properly

At home, you might still enjoy wearing those loose shorts or oversize shirts. But outside, remember that fit is king. It’s your top concern in the style is what fits you. If you’re going to buy new clothes and it doesn’t fits you, and can’t be slightly adjusted to fits you, do not buy it. It won’t work.

2.Ignore Fashion Trends

Don’t fall to what is popular in fashion. Mainstream fashion trends change too fast to really become staples of your style. So avoid anything that doesn’t survive past or seasonal clothes. Stick to timeless clothing pieces and classic colors, patterns, textures, and combinations, these type of clothes are always in.

3.Be Yourself

This is the most important rule of all. If you don’t feel comfortable in something, it will show, and you’ll only look worse. By all means, push your boundaries, but always stay true to your tastes.


4.Have Self-Confidence 

Before anything else, understand that a big chunk of style depends on your confidence. Self-confidence doesn’t just help you engage with women. It’s an internal driving force for remembering who are you are, what you stand for. Always be confident about yourself because it will you in improving your style.

5.Don’t Over-Accessorize

Coco Chanel’s famous rule: “Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off,” works for men too. If you’re wearing a bracelet to brunch, you probably don’t need a necklace too. Be subtle, be classic.

6.Choose Colors That Will Suit Your Skin Tone

This is one of the issue of many people, in choosing what color suit their skin. Navy blue, black, and most shades of gray look good on everyone, but brighter colors can present problems. With warm, dark skin, you can pull off bright oranges, reds, and yellows that would wash out or overwhelm a fairer-skinned man. Cool, lighter skin tones work best with emeralds, blues, and purples. Experiment and ask for advice.


7.Wear The Highest Quality Clothes You Can Afford

 You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on clothes, but always look for quality. Plan to spend more money on more important pieces, and less money on trendy items or things you will wear through quickly, such as T-shirts. Second-hand stores are a great source of high quality items. Also, buying from an expensive brand doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality. Use your best judgement when picking clothes no matter where you shop.

8.Stay Clear Of Graphics, Logos, and Wild Prints

Do you want to look mature and professional? Then, stay clear of graphics, logos, and wild prints on any kind of clothing, whether it’s a t-shirt, sweater, or god forbid, pants. Whenever you wear a logo or graphic t-shirt, you either look like you’re in college. Solid colors and graphic/logo-less clothes make you look more refined and mature. The great thing is that this change is a simple swap. Replace your graphic t-shirts and clothes with solid versions.

9.Dress According To the Event

Dressing according to trends can be fun, but if it’s not appropriate for what you’re actually doing at the moment, it can make you look out of place. When dressing for work or for school, respect the culture of that environment. Make sure you are projecting the appearance of a professional, competent person who is aware of where he actually is.


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