I’ll meet you where we ended.

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I’ll meet you at the place full of echoes of our shared laughter and heavy silence of unspoken words. Let us revisit the chapters we penned together and stand once more at the crossing of our stories.

We had a profound connection that once tethered us. And I would love to revisit the narrative we created, with its highs and lows, joys and sorrows. It remains etched in the pages of our shared history.

I remember each parting words, the emotions that painted our farewell. I carry them like a cherished relic, guiding me back to where we paused, where our stories paused. 

Our meeting point awaits—a junction where the past converges with the present. It’s a declaration that our journey, no matter how different our paths may have become, possesses a magnetic force that draws us back, if only for a moment.

So, let’s go through our memories. Let’s meet where laughter once harmonized, where understanding spoke without words, and where the magic of ‘us’ unfolded. 

Would you let us rekindle, reflect and perhaps rediscover? Despite the changes, the distances, and the transformations, some connections transcend time, patiently waiting to be acknowledged again.


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