Moving On

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Moving on can be challenging.

But healing is necessary.

So here are some things you can do:

To assist you in dealing with and feeling


To begin, acknowledge your pain.

It’s normal to be sad and mourn.

But don’t let it take over your life.

or make you continually feel horrible.


Then, end all contact.

If it is at all possible,

On social media, unfollow.

and then erase their phone number.

Concentrate on yourself and your objectives.

Make time to do what you enjoy.

Spend time with family and friends.

and what you’re passionate about.


Experiment with new interests or activities.

It was a pleasure meeting new folks.

Keep in mind that life continues on.

And there is so much to do.


and, if necessary, seek assistance.

Whether from a therapist or a friend,

Don’t be hesitant to seek assistance.

As you work to repair


It takes time and work to move on.

But it’s all worthwhile in the end.

You’ll rediscover love and pleasure.

and your heart will undoubtedly heal.

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