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Looking for an awesome and effective Tagalog Pick-up Lines to amaze your crush or your lover? Here comes the best collection of pick-up lines that will surely satisfies your appetite of sweet words for your crush, love or even friends.

Love changes everything, Kahit na ang pinakamaliit na detalye ng buhay mo. Binabago nito ang nakagisnan mong daan. And so you need a driver. Para hindi ka maligaw. Pero minsan ang driver na nakukuha natin e sya rin palang bubunggo sa atin. Ingat-ingat sa pagpili ng driver 🙂

Best Tagalog Pick-up Lines

Love knows no time. Ang puso hindi natuturuan. Kaya nga nauso ang love at first sight e kase appearances doesn’t matter. The first you saw him/her, your heart knew, he/she’s the one. You didn’t intend to love that person but your heart did.

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Love knows no consequences. Dahil habang lasing ka sa pagmamahal, hindi mo maiisip kung anong magiging resulta ng kahibangan mo. You’ll do everything for the sake of love, but remember, too much love will hurt you so much.

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Love is wonderful. May mga importanteng bagay tayong gustong makamit pero iba pa rin pag yung taong gusto at mahal natin ang mapapasatin. It’s like living on a cloud 9. Wala nang mas sasaya pa sa taong may minamahal at mahal sya. T’was everybody’s dream but only few people have it in reality.


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Aminin mo man o hindi, pag nakikita mo sya o naririnig ang boses nya wala kang ibang naririnig kundi ang tibok ng puso mo. Yung feeling na slow motion lahat ng galaw nya. Yung instant DSLR ang mga mata mo, lahat blurred, sya lang yung malinaw. You just can’t deny, stupid cupid hits you badly. And believe me, you’re on a critical level.

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The best christmas gift ever was to be with your love one. You’ll eventually have a perfect christmas if it happens. But don’t worry dear, don’t lose hope. You still have a chance to prove to that person how much you love him/her. Pag hindi mo makuha sa santong dasalan, magdasal ka ulit 🙂



Best Tagalog Pick-up Lines and Quotes

Love is one word, four letters and a million meanings. Everyone has it’s own definition of love, it depends on how love moves on you. We may be inlove, but we know that person isn’t ours, we think it’s just pointless. No! It’s not. Nothing in life is pointless as long as you’re inlove, as long as you didn’t hurt anyone. Loving is not a mistake.


Whether you’re in love, suffering from a heartache or ready to mingle, “pick up lines” are the best way to motivate yourself to feel love all around you. 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with thinking the CHEESIEST yet the MOST TOUCHING lines to make someone happy – whether it’s your special someone – a lover or a friend to cheer up, perhaps – or simply yourself.



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