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“Sorry” we all say “Sorry” for the wrong things we say and do. But do we always think about the people we love dearly who we say hurtful things to? I don’t think so because if we had think about it sorry wouldn’t have become such a popular word today. Sometimes we say so much and act immature as adult. We didn’t take the time to realize how much hurt and pain we put that individual in we never took the time to think of the reaction, the feelings and the consequence that we might have to face if what we do turns out to be a matter of life and death. Here are the best collection of Tagalog Sorry Quotes that you can relate to. Enjoy reading and feel free to share!

Sorry tagalog Quotes

1. Mahirap mag sorry. Lalo na’t alam mong nasa tama ka.
Sorry. A small word with a huge responsibility. Sometimes it’s hard to apologize when you know deep in your heart, you do nothing. But you will swallow your pride and apologize for the things you’ve not done for the one you love. To make things get better.

Saying Sorry tagalog quotes
2. Saying sorry won’t always mean KASALANAN KO. But it’s a nice way to say “kasalanan mo man o kasalanan ko, wag na naten palakihin to, ayoko kasi na nag-aaway tayo.”
Apologizing does not always mean that you’re wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego. Minsan mas ok na yung ikaw ang unang nagsosorry, kesa maghintayan kayo sa wala. Hindi naman nakakamatay ang paglunok ng pride lalo na kung para naman ito sa taong mahal at pinapahalagahn mo.

Sorry best tagalog quotes

3. Ang sorry nakakawala ng galit pero di nakakawala ng sakit.
Apology can never bring back the tears that had fallen. It can’t even let you forget the pain that you’ve felt. But it will surely refresh a wounded pride and relationship. Apologies can restore relationships pero di na siguro katulad ng dati. Depende na rin yun sa mga taong nasaktan na.

Nakakasawa sorry tagalog quotes
4. Nakakasawa ang salitang sorry kapag paulit ulit na lang sinasabi.
Saying sorry doesn’t mean you have to do the same wrong thing again. Kung magsosorry ka tapos gagawin mo rin lang ulit then your apology means nothing… They are only words… They are nothing more. Wag mong sirain ang tiwala ng isang tao dahil lang sa mga bagay na paulit-ulit mong ginagawa.

Tagalog Sorry Quotes

5. Wag kang magsorry kung gusto mo lang magkaayos kayo.. Magsorry ka dahil tanggap mo na rin ang pagkakamali mo.
Sometimes you need to show the person you hurt that you’re sorry by showing them with your actions and not just your words. Saying “I am sorry” costs nothing when you are on the wrong, please admit and see love grow. Accept your fault. If not, you may lose them. The choice is yours. You’re the one who will have to live with the result of your choices.

Magsorry Tagalog Quotes
6. Magsorry ka man sa kanya, hindi pa rin magbabago ang katotohanang nakasakit ka na.
It is easy to say sorry for the things we’ve done, it is also easy to forgive and forget, but one thing that will never be easy is to trust again after disappointment. Hindi mo na maiaalis na sa kabila ng sorry mo, nakasakit ka pa rin ng damdamin ng iba.

Sorry is a powerful word that sends a very particular vibe to your brain. Your word is your wand. If the word fits, then say it. Use it with all your heart. When you’re sincere, there’s usually no apology necessary. Saying “SORRY” will set you free. Apology is a show of strength. It is an act of honesty because we admit we did wrong, an act of generosity, because it restores the self-concept of those we offended. Go Ahead, Say You’re Sorry. Don’t be afraid nor hesitate.


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