The Boy Love Dream

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Some of us dream of something we desire, we aim to dream on something we know is impossible. But dreams are dreams, they are free and have no limit. It’s not bad to dream onto something, but it hurts to know that it is just a dream and we live in reality.


“The Boy Love Dream”
By Yukimi Dela Vega

I’m just I boy that dream
Seeing a girl accidentally in the corridor
While she smiled at me, I was love struck
I can’t get her out of my head

I ask her out and bring her to a hill.
With her favorite flowers on it.
When the weather is good
And the day is blessed.

I tell her that, ‘I like her’.

I would be the happiest boy,
I’ll tell the whole world I have her,
We will grow up together
And will live happily like in fairytales.

Then I pause for a moment realizing
I’m not the happiest boy
I look at her and she’s vanishing.
I sigh, this is nightmare.

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