Five Piercing Truths

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1. Love ones’ betrayal and perfidy is the worst of all heartaches.

There is that one kind of love that keeps you alive. That kind of love could be given by the person you love, the person that loves you and the person that you share your life to. They gave you the reason to be brave but life becomes uncertain sometimes. The one that you love is the one that will return the worst pain in your life. “Give and take”, sometimes lead you to give love but take betrayal as the return. Instead of receiving support and love from them there will come a time that they will cause you the fatal heartache in your life. It hurts but it’s true.

2. They will stay when you’re whole and they will leave when you’re broke.

Learn to say no. Say no when it’s not the right time to say yes. You spent extensive time to puzzle out your life and fix everything that was broken yesterday. The truth is it only takes one snap for others to enter your life and leave painlessly when you’re aimless and in vain. They will knock when your full but they will leave you when you have nothing to lend and offer. Make sure you left something for yourself because at the end no one will help you live again except for yourself.


3. You’ll meet the wrong person on the right time.

Cause of death: having the wrong person in your life. Hoping and believing that you have the right person with you is part of love. You have that hope that he/she is the one but at the end truth will slap you that it was always the wrong person in the beginning. You didn’t notice it because you let love control you. Mistake was done and it will hurt you until it’s done. The time became right because it taught you something in the end. The wrong person left you pain so the time became right. The pain became the reason for you to learn and be smart next time. The right time came because it will leave you scar. It will hurt a lot but the scar will remind you to become prudent and brave tomorrow.

4. It is not about what you deserve, it’s about what you believe in.

Some people think first if they deserve to have the thing or not. They guess if some people deserve what they have today and if they will deserve what they will have for tomorrow. Sometimes it always matter to them. It matters if they deserve it or not. The truth is do what you believe is right. Follow the things that you believe will make you happy. It doesn’t matter if you deserve it or not, what matters is what you believe in. If you choose to believe in love then maybe you’ll learn to be contented and happy.


5. Its sad when people you know became the people you knew.

People changes because the only constant thing in this world is change. It is sad when the people you know before is a different person today. It is good when the change is better but if the change that happened lead them to worst, its sad and an waste of time. We should accept that nobody will stay there is a million reason scattered around the for them to leave or stay.

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