How to Be a Good Friend (for Girls)

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Having a stable friendship is very important throughout your life. True friends support you no matter what through thick and thin. To be a good friend you must act like a friend.

How to Be a Good Friend (for Girls)

Always be aware of your friend’s feelings and ask what’s going on every day.

Don’t overdo it because you will seem weird or crazy. Call your friend on the phone once in a while to check up on them. If you don’t have a phone, maybe try and email them or try and meet them in person. If they don’t feel like talking about why they’re upset don’t force them to and give them some space.

Do things with her if it seems like she doesn’t have anything to do. 

Plan out what dates when both you and your friend are available to hang out. Figure out what activities both of you like to do so you’ll both enjoy yourselves. You could go to see a movie, go to the park, invite them to your house or have a sleepover. If she won’t hangout, wait a day or two than talk to her. etc.

Invite them to social gatherings so they can meet new people. 

Invite your friend over for a sleepover and some other friends they don’t know so the next time your friend is with them they won’t feel uncomfortable.
How to Be a Good Friend (for Girls)

Have fun! 

You don’t always have to be so serious! Friends love having a great time with each other!

Pray for your friend (if you’re religious). 

Before going to bed try your best to say a quick prayer asking God to help your friend if they’re going through a tough time in their lives (family death, parents divorced etc.) or thank God for blessing you with great friends.

Be yourself. 

Act the way you always act you don’t want people to get attached to the fake you. If they don’t like your attitude then it was never meant to be.
How to Be a Good Friend (for Girls)

Be supportive. 

Cheer them on and encourage them when they’re doing something nerve-wracking like trying out for a sports team or auditioning for the school play. If that makes them feel really uncomfortable, help them prepare before and tell them they did a good job after.

Always respect them and be aware of their feelings even when you are feeling down.

Try not to upset them even more when they aren’t feeling well.

Always be there for you friend either if your friend is moved away or she/he is just next door always try to keep contact with him\her. 

Call or video chat with him/her so they don’t feel like you forgot about them.

Always be nice and kind to your friends.

Help him/her out if they got hurt and don’t say nasty thing to their face. Try to include them as much as possible or else they may feel left out and that you don’t like them.


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