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Have you ever feel emotionally numb – like you don’t have any feeling because they’re all gone? Being numb is keeping you stuck in the past. You did not make those feelings go away by pushing them down. The betrayal, fear, anger, and hurt are all still there. And now they are demanding to be felt. Just when you thought you were getting your life back, you have to deal with this shit. Until you do, you won’t be able to feel the good things in your life. You watch your life but you don’t feel it. You watch the people you love, but you don’t actually touch them and they certainly can not touch you. You only hope they don’t know that.

Manhid Tagalog quotes
1. Ang pagiging manhid ay hindi batayan na hindi ka marunong magmahal, kundi patunay lang ito na isa ka na sa mga taong takot masaktan.
Since the heart has its own way of protecting itself, it shuts off when it gets so hurt, to shield itself from further getting hurt. This is when the heart gets numb. It freezes the hurt feeling so that it won’t feel it. In the process, it also prevents itself from getting healed.

Bulag Manhid Quotes
2. Buti pa yung bulag kahit walang nakikita, malakas ang pangdama. Eh ikaw bukod sa manhid na nagbubulag-bulagan ka pa.
Being blind is much better than those peson who have eyes but pretending that they don’t see nor feel anything. In fact, they’re just acting. Deep inside, they felt and saw everything. Maybe they suffer so much hurt before or else they just don’t want you to expect and assume that they feel the same way too.

Kawawa Tagalog Manhid Quotes
3. Minsan kelangan nating maging manhid para di masaktan.
Sometimes people remain in denial to numb the pain, but numbness is a limbo. Beyond the pain, the truth will set one free. You can numb the pain for a while, but it will cause even more pain when it finally catches up to you.

Masaktan Kawawa Tagalog Manhid Quotes
4. Minsan kailangan nating magpanggap na manhid, para kahit na nasasaktan at nahihirapan ka na, hindi nila iisiping kawawa ka.
Many people have gone through tough times. You are not alone, and you are not the only one to feel numb. Sometimes it’s a normal response to your environment. Specially when you’re hurt by someone you love the most. There’s nothing wrong with that and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself for it.

Sarili Manhid Quotes
5. Hindi sya manhid. Hindi ka lang niya talaga mahal kaya wag mo nang ipagsiksikan ang sarili mo.
Accept the fact that some people aren’t gonna love you back. Stop interposing yourself to someone who don’t even kow your value. Stop craving for someone’s attention; someone who doesn’t bother to give you a glance even a second. Step back and walk away. You deserve better.

Maghintay Masaktan Kawawa Tagalog Manhid Quotes
6. Alam mo naman madami nagkakagusto sayo, pero nagagawa mo pa din maghintay sa isang taong manhid.
Words unspoken. Feelings unrevealed. Nothing will ever happen to you if you don’t make the first move. What if that person is just waiting for you to recognize his/her presence? Some people are shy, some aren’t. What if hindi talaga sya manhid? Torpe lang talaga sya to show what he really feels.

Automatic Maghintay Masaktan Kawawa Tagalog Manhid Quotes
7. Sana kapag mahal mo ang isang tao, automatic na mamahalin ka din nya.
Wishes cannot be granted at all times. The world is not a wishing granted factory. If it’s not the time for you to be loved back, then it’s not. Wait for the right person in the right time and place. Don’t worry, they’re on their way. Stop wishing. Stop asking. Start praying. God’s preparing the best of the best for you.

Jeremiah 17:9 says that our heart is deceitful above all things. This means that we can’t trust our heart. You may have been so hurt in the past, not only once but many times, and your heart has become numb. Know that the numbness in your heart is a sign that you need healing. Look at it as your heart that stopped beating. Heart needs revival. It’s not you who will be able to revive your heart. It’s God.

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