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Met someone who flings with you when he doesn’t intend to? I feel you.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

“I had a crush and he is a year older than me. We used to hang out during my freshman days and we were close back then. It continued until he graduated. Things change when he changed his dept. Analyze this one. I had my life and he actually doesn’t matter at all. I mean, he’s not that special. He was a crush and a friend and that was it. Nothing more, nothing less. But when we were at the same department again, rooms next to each other, there was like, a little pinch from my stomach. It was a baby butterfly. Yeah. And he’s s clingy as well, believe me, I think he’s good at fooling around. He said it wasn’t his thing, tho. Maybe he used to fling. Or still a fling for that matter. Anyways, rest assured that he will make you feel special even though you’re not. It was like, as a friend. No hopes held high, with contentment with what I have at the moment, tadah. I didn’t fall. Am I loyal now?”

Am I loyal now?

It’s okay to have crush. But if you are currently in a relationship, know the difference between like and love. For more blogs, visit mrbolero.com! Happy reading!

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